Request to Reserve Day Use or Boat Launch for one day

Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC does not offer day use or boat launch access, except as an add-on to existing reservations, as a visitor of an existing leaseholder, or the options provided below. You are required to pay for any applicable fees, and there is an added security charge if you request access to the park during times when the office is not open.

We can't confirm if you don't provide email address
We need 24-36 hours to receive your request and confirm availability of day use
If before 10 am or after 3 PM there will be a surcharge to cover staff time.

If your request is accepted, you agree to pay the following fees, based upon your request:
$25 per person coming onsite
$10 per verhicle coming onsite
$5 per boat trailer coming onsite
$10 for launch use
plus $50 for access during office closed hours

By submitting this form, you agree you do not have a right to enter Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC property for the use you request until you have received a confirmation that your request can be granted and you have paid for the use in advance.