Please make sure you answer all questions the apply. The person who made the original reservation, and the email from the original reservation must be stated in this form.

type the first and last name of the person who made the original reservation
type your complete email address so that we can find your reservation and you can receive a response
Describe what was reserved, such as RV site or Snuggle Inn number.
To make the original reservation, you had to agree to our reservation, changes and cancellation policy. When your reservation was confirmed by us, the policy was restated again in the confirmation form. Before completing this question, please review your reservation including the cancellation or changes policy.
Be very specific regarding your request. If you see a change of dates, state the dates to change to. If you are requesting a cancellation, state the reason and also state you approve of the change or cancellation fees that may apply. If you want to make additions to the existing reservation, complete the following options.
Please describe your pet including the pet(s) breed. Confirm that you have read our pet policy, that you understand pittpulls and pittbull mixed breeds are not allowed onsite, nor are rotweillers or any agressive dogs, that your pet is current on all required shots, and that you will be responsible for any harm or damage caused by the pet you request to bring onsite. If you are bringing a certified "companion" pet onsite, you agree to only reserve designated "pet" Snuggle Inns.