2019 Request for RV site reservations at Snug Harbor in the California Delta region

Use this form to make REQUESTS for specific dates in 2019. Reservations are not confirmed untill paid in full. If you provided a valid email address, we will email you the invoice based on the information and dates you provide below. Email will include the cost but you need to call in your crediit card information and pay for the reservation so we can confirm the specific RV site. 916-775-1455 and it is OK to leave a message if you get voice mail. NOTE: once you fill out this form and press sent, you will be taken back to the index page.

Working email address required so that we can send you the confirmation and invoice
Daytime phone number required in case we have questions
1-nighters not available
not including Motor home or trailer with tow vehicle
Please state the pet breed and size, including each pet coming onsite> Pitt bulls and agressive dogs not allowed onsite
Size of RV, not including a vehicle
Say ANY if you don't have a preference

Pick the RV site type for # of persons in your group:

All persons over age 4 must be included in the total persons for this reservation. Pets OK. No tents allowed in these sites
All persons over age 4 must be included in the total persons for this reservation. Pets ok.
All persons over age 4 must be included in this reservation. Pets OK these sites.
Put NONE in this box. Adding on day-use is not available for 2019 summer reservations. If you don't know who is planning to go on the trip with you, please wait until you are sure before you make this reservation.
We do not accept cash payment for reservations
Or you call us at 916-775-1455 with credit card information
Type in I AGREE TO RESERVATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You are only making a REQUEST for reservations. You understand that reservations will not be confirmed until paid in full and we receive back the signed reservation agreement we will email you for your signature. You will not be assigned a specific cottage or site until payment is received by us. Note that AFTER you receive the confirmation invoice, questions should be directed to reservations@snugharbor.net