2020 Reservations for Snug Harbor, for June through November Dates

Reservations required. Only the # of persons listed on your reservation confirmation will be allowed onsite.

Use this form ONLY for extended stay requests. For short stays of a few days or weeks, go back to http://www.snugharbor.net and go to the "reservations" page or use the Online Reservation system link below:

Please complete all of the form fields below to submit your request for reservations 3-night minimums are required for week ends July 1 to Sept 7. 2-night minimum all other times. You will be contacted by email or telephone within 48 hours after request to confirm the cost based upon the site or unit, how many persons will be coming onsite, and how many vehicles, boats, PWC and pets need to be included in the reservation. NOTE: TO CHECK AVAILABILITY NOW, USE THE ONLINE RESERVATIONS LINK ABOVE. In order to receive a confirmation, you will be required to pay for the reservation in full. However, additions of dock space, extra vehicles or use of tent sites can be added just prior to arrival.

If your email is not correct, we will not be able to respond to reservation request
2020 dates only
at least 3 nights for summer dates from May 18 to Sept 15
Includes staying for whole time or even just one day
Children between the age of 5 and 18 at time of visit to Snug Harbor
Use this area to tell us if you want to reserve specific Snuggle Inn Cottages or RV sites. If RV site, include your RV type and lenght and if you have slide-outs
If you do say you are bringing a pet, and then later add a dog, we reserve the right to change the reservation to a different cottage or site that is OK for pets, if available.
Dock space and extra vehicles can be arranged a few days before arrival, but it helps us in assigning the cottage or RV site if we know you plan to use dock space for a boat or PWC
If you are part of a group, we try to keep you all together or as nearby as possible. If you have stayed here before, under what name if not your own?

Please note that all boxes above must have an answer. When you submit the above information, we will receive your request via email. We try to respond within 24 hours and we will assign the cottage or RV site based on your request if possible, and will confirm your reservation request via emailed invoice. You will need to call 916-775-1455 or email back your payment information in order to receive a confirmed reservation. By submitting this request, you signify your reservation will become final when payment is RECEIVED, so please do not show up at the park gates without the final confirmation emailed after payment has been processed. We do not accept same-day reservation requests.

Please go to http://snugharbor.net for reservation and cancellation details in case of virus-related situations. All persons coming onsite must bring a face mask and agree to wear the mask when in the park, if masks are required by the state of California.